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Gray rugs: elegance does not have to be boring

Today we are going to show you that this is not the case, a gray rug apart from providing elegance to our room can give a lot of play in its decoration and with it we can get decorations really interesting and beautiful.

Decorate the dining room with rugs

The dining room is one of the main meeting points for the inhabitants of a home and for the guests that we may have. That is why, being so exposed, its decoration must fulfill part of its aesthetic function, that of courtesy.

Decorate your bedroom with rugs

The reason why a rug is necessary in the bedroom can only be seen on a cold winter morning, when you place your feet on a soft rug instead of a cold hard floor. Only then do you realize that you cannot do without a rug in the bedroom

Living room rugs short hair

Within the world of rugs we find different classifications according to material, patterns,shape... Or the length of his hair, which we will go into more depth today.

abstract rugs

As we already know, handmade rugs have become an almost necessary element in our rooms due to their great contribution to them. Not only does it do so on a decorative level, but it also manages to provide warmth and delimit spaces to create more special places

Trends in modern rugs

A modern rug embellishes every room and transforms it into a unique and individual place in which to feel comfortable. It is also an ideal complement for our home with which we can radically change any room in our house, delimiting the spaces with colorful designs, groundbreaking colors or with more neutral designs with classic colors and patterns.

Large children's rugs

Carpets have become a "must have" in most homes and that is because they have the ability to make a cozy and unique place that leaves no one indifferent. If we think of a rug, we always do it from the decorative side, but the reality is that it brings many other things to our room as well. Today we will talk about children's rugs since it is a room in our home where they can also be very useful.

Rugs to have an industrial style

When we hear about the industrial style, we suddenly imagine the large New York apartments that we see on television. Those beautiful infinite houses that we all like and with which we have once dreamed of having.

kitchen rugs

The rugs have been taking center stage in different spaces of our houses and one of them has been the kitchen. For a time we thought that it was simply a decorative element for living room areas, corridors or entrances, but the reality is that it can be given much more play. Today we will talk about kitchen rugs and some tips when choosing yours.

Spanish rugs

The first reference to Spanish rugs is recorded in the 11th century, referring to poems about their fabrics and prestige. The weaving tradition was developed in Spain by the influence of the Muslims. Who came to the territory, living for years