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The craft production of alp_ rugs is an artisanal process backed by over one hundred years of tradition.

Our hand-woven rugs aim to bring us, through their designs and textures, to a moment, a place, or a memory. This one-of-a-kind product is woven by skilled weavers, whose expertise and attention to detail ensure the longevity of this time-honored craft. These singular rugs transform your space, incorporating both individuality and tradition.


More about Hand-woven

Currently, most of the products that are consumed come from large factories and very global centers. There are some products that continue to maintain the essence of local quality, such as rugs. These have always been a distinctive element in all spaces and in which it has been considered a product in which to make a good quality investment. Today we will explain some of the reasons why we should choose handmade rugs like those made at Alp_.

Why choose handmade rugs?

 There are many reasons why you should continue to rely on this type of product, but at Alp_ we are committed and believe that the following are highly relevant:


 “Weaving dreams” refers precisely to this. Handmade rugs will be a product that, due to its high quality, will last in your life over the years, so there is no better reason to create and design it the way you want. This is something that is not possible with the large globalized factories that we mentioned at the beginning.

 ·Environmental problems.

 We know the great environmental impact that these large factories have and the great problems that we face. From Alp_ we are very aware and we contribute to the solution by offering manufacturing techniques with the least possible contamination.

 ·Local unemployment.

 Globalization and substitution of the purchase of local products for other cheaper products but carried out in an industrial way has produced, over the years, a great loss of employment in those localities which were sustained by these products. Thanks to companies like Alp_, the artisanal carpet factory, we can continue to create local employment and rely on the knowledge of our employees.

 ·Quality raw materials.

 When the making of the rugs is done by hand, it is undoubtedly linked to a higher quality raw material than others produced in factories, since these are made with much more love and effort.

 ·Different techniques.

 The creation of a handmade rug can become an art, in which we see different techniques applied to make them. There are countless of them depending on cultures, stories, fabrics... At Alp_ we are mainly characterized by the Alpujarra knot, from which we can find precious rugs such as the "Alpujarra mountain relief", available in different fabrics, sizes and colors that will be a jewel for any part of the home.

 Another of the techniques used in handmade rugs is the Turkish knot. Rugs like “Adobe” bring out that quality of hand weaving.

There are also more current forms of clothing such as manual tufting, from which designs can be made with very varied prints, such as the one available in Alp_ "Mathilda"

 ·Exclusive designs for your customers.

 The manufacture of handmade rugs is accompanied by a great commitment to making them, so the designs offered are designed specifically for it, taking into account the way and fabrics in which it will be made. At Alp_ we have a team of designers who help us bring the best market trends and the most special designs to our clients.

 If you want to get the rug of your dreams, do not hesitate to contact us for information or a quote. Let us surprise you with a piece to suit you!