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Trends in modern rugs

Trends in modern rugs

Modern rugs are the best way to give a new style to a house. They are not only an element to insulate the house and provide warmth in winter, but in spring we can also use them to add texture and color and provide a different environment.

If you have a modern house and you want to decorate it with matching rugs, then we will tell you what are the trends in modern home decoration with rugs, so you can be inspired to give your home that special touch.

Rugs with geometric prints

Discreet geometric rugs allow us to play with different visual effects, bringing modernity and innovation to our home. Its essence is in order and harmony, with apparently simple designs. In addition to adapting to all tastes and are perfect for bedrooms. Simple styles and neutral colors like those of our Gengis OT rug  are values ​​on the rise and fit perfectly in any environment.

Mustard yellow colors

The mustard color is a trend and it is also always a good option to dress the floor of our home with a modern air. On many occasions, it provides that cheerful and warm touch that our home needs and makes us feel comfortable in it. At Alp we have a catalog full of designs in these tones, such as our Mobuti rug.


Smooth modern rugs

Smooth, or almost smooth, rugs are ideal with any decoration since whatever it is, they always work and combine with all styles of accessories. These plain fabrics add special value to the decoration of the room and even more so if they add slight reliefs or flecks to them.

In our monochrome collection you can find a wide variety of models of this style.

Vintage style carpets

Classic rugs bring elegance and distinction to the home. They are perfect rugs to give character. Whether it is a large room or a smaller space, they will always be a safe bet.

 In addition to being aware of the latest trends, we must be aware of many other aspects, such as the ones we discussed in this other post Stylish decoration: keys to decorate with rugs, so that your home has a unique decoration.

At Alp we have a multitude of different rug models in our catalog to ensure that you always find a model that you love.