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Decorate your bedroom with rugs

Decorate your bedroom with rugs

The reason why a rug is necessary in the bedroom can only be seen on a cold winter morning, when you place your feet on a soft rug instead of a cold hard floor. Only then do you realize that you cannot do without a rug in the bedroom. In addition, rugs are an excellent decorative element for the room and provide a great feeling of warmth and comfort. They can also help us hide those stains or scratches on the floor that are impossible to remove or repair, which almost all of us have at home.

It is more than clear that it is essential to have a rug in our bedroom, but deciding where to place it is not always as simple as it seems and it can bring us some headaches. That is why in this article we will give you some tips so that you can decorate your room in an ideal way with rugs and make it look like never before.

Encompassing the entire space

If you have a large room and space allows it, you can completely shelter the area where the most representative elements of it are located. This option will be ideal and can even eliminate the feeling of emptiness. To do this, place the rug on the entire surface of the set, that is, the bed and auxiliary furniture such as bedside tables. In this way, a differentiated environment will be created from the rest of the room with a touch that is difficult to match. It is very appropriate if you want to differentiate the rest area from the others, such as the dressing room or dressing table.

From the middle of the bed

This is another alternative for a large bedroom, where there is enough room for a rug to stick out from the middle of the bed to the rear. For this, it may be enough to have a smaller rug than the previous case, with a more usual size or we can even use a larger one depending on the measurements of the bed and the room. Keep in mind that for the results to be as expected, the rug must be large enough to protrude over the sides of the bed about 40 or 50 centimeters or so. With this we can achieve a great result and a beautiful and harmonic visual impact in our room.

At the foot of the bed

Leaving the rug at the foot of the bed, without any furniture on it, is another very attractive alternative. It is also necessary to have a large bedroom, or if it is smaller, use a smaller rug. In this case, to choose one rug or another, it would be appropriate not to use colors that are too light, materials that are easy to clean and resistant, since it is a passage area, so the rug will get dirty more often. We need to take into account these small advantages so as not to end up regretting a wrong decision.

Next to the bed

This is one of the most common alternatives and an option that never fails. It can be our best ally when we have a small room, so we don't have space for much else. The rug is located behind the nightstand on one side of the bed. It is also very common to put two, one on each side or even three. With this, despite having a small room, we do not renounce the well-being and comfort that a carpet provides in the bedroom. In addition, visually they are more discreet if we want to enhance another decorative element. We can find many small models of this type, but do not choose one that is too small, the ideal is that they reach the foot of the bed and the width is more or less like that of the bedside table.

Overlapping multiple rugs

Another different idea is to overlap two rugs in the bedroom. In this way we create a very visual and carefree contrast of colours, shapes and fabrics, providing a very personal touch.

Rugs on the wall

Using rugs on the wall  as a design box is a very innovative and successful bet. In this way we can give the room a touch of exclusivity and distinction that can make it unique. The best thing is that we can locate it in the area that best suits us!

And finally, if you want to give your room a much more exclusive touch, regardless of the way you are going to place your rug, you can choose from a wide variety of designer rugs  by Alp with which we are sure you will be right.