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Summer carpets

Many times, we come to think that rugs are just winter elements that help create a warmer environment, but nothing is further from the truth. Currently, the rugs are so versatile that we can have them present at any time of the year just by choosing the best options.

Decorate your dressing room with a warm rug

A rug can radically change the decoration of a dressing room, since it is one of the most effective decorative elements. In addition, the rugs bring warmth to the dressing room and are very comfortable for the feet when dressing.

Wool rugs for the living room

Wool is one of the most used natural materials in the manufacture of rugs in the vast majority of cultures. Being a material that can be obtained from animals such as sheep, alpaca, llama or even goats, its use is very diverse and varies from one end of the world to another.

Tips for choosing hallway carpets

There are many types of corridors: long, short, narrow, wide, L-shaped, U-shaped, etc. The characteristics of each corridor are very diverse and each of them requires a carpet that best suits. In order not to get lost in this great variety, the ideal is to order a custom-made rug or consider the best option for the hallway.

How to decorate with large carpets

Large rugs influence the interior decoration of a house visually. Through a rug, comfort and personality are transmitted to a home. They are essential and widely used if what you want is to transfer that feeling of warmth and comfort to a room.

tips to decorate with carpets

A carpet always adds a new value to a room or place. It can even help separate places within the same space or give a feeling of warmth and harmony. There are many qualities that a carpet possesses. From Alp and as experts in design rugs, we provide you with advice before deciding on one or another model of the rug. Learn how to decorate with rugs those corners where "something is missing" or "need a touch".

Decorate the wall with designer rugs

Using handmade carpets on the wall as a design painting is an avant-garde bet. You can also know them as wall tapestries, and it is a concept that fuses various aspects of design forming a contemporary and amazing proposal to give the decoration of the room a touch of exclusivity and distinction.

Pure virgin wool rugs. Are they recommended?

Pure wool rugs are made of 100% virgin wool. Over time they have become one of the best-selling carpet models and it is not for less, since among their main benefits we find their quality, durability, the properties of the material and the different designs that we can choose from.

How to choose an outdoor rug for the terrace

Outdoor rugs for terraces are being used more and more, as they exponentially increase the feeling of home and a cozy corner, making it seem like it is another extension of the living room or as if it were another room in the house instead of being a simple open space. In addition, it also brings color and personality to the place.

10 proposals to combine rugs with the sofa

Sofa and rug is a winning combination that brings a lot of style to our living room. Next, we are going to collect some winning proposals so that you can combine a rug and a sofa wonderfully so that your guests feel comfortable and enjoy the styling of your home.