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Types of Carpets

When we begin to get to know the world of rugs, we think that they are all very similar, but nothing is further from the truth, since we can find a multitude of different materials, shapes and manufacturing techniques depending on the use we are going to give them or our personal taste.

Stylish decoration: keys to decorate with rugs

Rugs are widely used by people who want to transform their home by giving their favorite room a personal and unique touch, whether in the living room, dining room, bedroom, hall or even the bathroom.

monochrome rugs

Monochrome rugs are carefully designed to give a room a sense of unity and balance. They define the area of the room so they are ideal for slightly more open spaces.

Custom plain rugs

When we are looking for a plain custom-made rug, it is normal that, at times, we get suffocated by the considerable number of different options that we can choose from. So much so that we are not even able to know the differences between the different models.

Rug for a hall

The hall is one of the most important areas of our house, since it is the first thing that we and our guests see as soon as they enter. As the first impression is what we stay with, the hall or entrance must be pleasant, welcoming and comfortable, so that it is in perfect harmony with the rest of the house.

Designer rugs

have become increasingly popular in recent years. That is why at alp_ we offer you numerous types of rugs so that you can opt for a trend or a specific style according to your favorite artist.

Alpujarra rugs

Alpujarra rugs are handmade rugs made in the province of Granada, in the region of Las Alpujarras.

Limited Edition Rugs

The limited-edition rugs combine the art of creation of our designers with fashion.

Natural rugs

Natural alp rugs can be placed anywhere in the house, from the dining room to your bedroom or in the work area

Children's rugs

It is important to create a fun theme for your children's room and what better way to do it than with a modern, vibrant, exciting carpet that they can play with