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Rug for a hall

Rug for a hall

The hall is one of the most important areas of our house since it is the first thing that we and our guests see as soon as they come in. As the first impression is what we stay with, the hall or entrance must be pleasant, welcoming and comfortable, so that it is in perfect harmony with the rest of the house.

At alp carpets, we have the perfect hall rugs to make your guest feel at home when they walk through the door.

A rug is more than just a simple decoration element, that is why it is not something that we can choose lightly, we must spend a little of our time choosing the right rug.

Being the first room that a guest steps on, the rug must convey a feeling of home, it must be warm to be perceived as welcoming, in addition to having that personality that we always want to give to our home and that guests will perceive as unique.

Elements to take into account when choosing a carpet for your hall  

The hall furniture

The furniture must be a key piece to combine the rug that we are going to choose. We must pay attention to them whether we have not yet chosen the furniture or if we already have it, since it will not be the same to decorate the entrance hall taking the rug as a reference and main element, or on the contrary, add the rug later looking for one that coordinate with the rest of the furniture.

The size of the rug must be adapted to the dimensions of the hall

The size of the rug for the entrance of our house is also another factor that we must take into account, since depending on the size and shape of the hall we can choose different shapes and sizes, being able to leave aside the traditional rectangular rug if our hall It allows.

First of all, we must measure the area to check the size of the future carpet, to make sure that it does not bother when opening the door.

As a tip, if our room is small, a large rug can provide a feeling of greater spaciousness. In the ideal case, select a rug with a width no less than the width of the front door, so that it cannot be tripped over to enter and exit.

Carpet shape and pattern

The shape and pattern will also be one of the criteria that we can take to choose one rug or another. For example, we can opt for a rug with large patterns for a small entrance hall.

Cobblestone hall rug

Cobblestone hall rug

On the other hand, if the hall is wide but short, the ideal would be to opt for a large rectangular rug placed in the centre of the room. If, on the other hand, the hall is narrow and long, we would opt for a long and narrow rug model.

How to choose the best rug for your hall

We have numerous rug models at alp carpets, some even available in different sizes to suit your room. However, some materials and shapes are recommended more than others.

For example, the round format is usually the king because it is the most versatile, it works both in small and large halls, as well as in narrow and wide ones.


Round hall rug

Round hall rug

Neutral tones also tend to provide greater balance in rooms with darker furniture.

Later we can opt for a plain or patterned rug, depending on whether we want to give the hall a more serious or cheerful personality.

Since it is a rug that is going to have a lot of battle due to the constant passage of guests, you should know that the quality with which we work our looms in alp carpets is very high, so that the durability of our rugs is maximum.