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Summer carpets

Summer carpets

Throughout history, rugs have been one of the main pieces of decoration since there are as many types, colors, materials, shapes... as the imagination makes possible. Its adaptability to all environments makes it a key element that must be present in any corner of the world.

 On many occasions, we come to think that rugs are just winter elements that help create a warmer environment, but nothing is further from the truth. Currently, the rugs are so versatile that we can have them present at any time of the year just by choosing the best options.

 Just as we decided to change our wardrobe with the change of season, giving a touch of fresh air to our environment should be important. Summer is approaching and for this reason, today we will talk about summer rugs and some of the aspects that you must take into account when selecting them.

Carpets in Summer: the colors

We all know that with the heat, the color also brightens. Decorate the spaces with stronger colors and make those details stand out. If your best option is to accompany the most sober spaces with large rugs that make them impressive, at Alp_ we have designs that will do just that.


Summer rug model AZ-4

A contemporary design available in different textures using striking colors


 Alfombra de verano modelo aparition

With a more geometric design and available in 3 different fabrics, Aparition will not leave indifferent any space where it is used. In addition, you can make the selection and mix of colors that best fit your decoration. Can it be more perfect?

·Colored Alpujarras

Alfombra de verano modelo alpujarra color

It is a spectacular hand-woven piece that will make your room shine with its own light. It can be an ideal choice as a rug for the living room as it will give a totally personal style.

Summer rugs: accompanying fabrics

If for any reason, you think that wool is not the choice you want to make for a summer rug, there are other fabrics with just as special and versatile designs.


·Linen carpet.

 Alfombras de verano de Lino

Made with 100% linen and available in 31 different colours, it could be the rug that gives the definitive touch to your room, making it a unique environment.

·Linen fringes.

 Alfombra de verano flecos lino

If you want to keep the monochrome accompanied by a more different design, this rug interspersed with cut linen hairs will provide the freshness and brightness you need.

Summer outdoor rugs

The good temperatures arrive and where we begin to spend the most time is outside and therefore, it begins to gain prominence. The truth is that there are special rugs for this since they are made with fabrics that are much more resistant to outdoor conditions and cleaning is easier.


Alfombra de verano modelo mediterranea

Hand-woven with polyester and adding a touch of color and Mediterranean surroundings, it will provide the final touch.



Alfombra de verano modelo Fartinete

As we have mentioned before, color is a very important point for the choice of decoration since it can mark the style of the room. Even more so if it is destined for a more temporary interior such as the exterior. In the case of the Farniente rug, these characteristics come together to create a spectacular setting. Hand-knitted from polyester and with pompoms in a Turkish knot, it will make anyone indifferent when they see it.

 In Alp carpets there is a wide range of rugs available among which we are sure, you will find your favorite summer rug, adapted to your furniture and personal tastes.

 Contact us or request your budget to make the rug of your dreams in the highest Alpujarra quality. We will wait for you!