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What are the different carpet textures?

At alp_ we offer you 26 different carpet textures, always made with high quality materials. Since the touch of a rug is a fundamental aspect when defining the comfort and softness you want.

Exactly we have the textures: Contract, Domestic, Chanel, Loop, Silky Wool Abrash Loop, Abrash Loop, Wool and Silk, 100% Natural Silk, Grass, Wool and Silk Grass, Shaggy, Short Shaggy, Shaggy Wool and Silk, Linen, Short Linen, Loop Linen, Linen Fringes, Silky, Silky Wool, Wick, Chanel Loop Wick, High Loop Wick and Chanel Loop Jute.

What colors are available for each texture?

An alp_ you can choose the color you want for each texture. We offer you a wide range of colors, so you can bring your ideas to life. But in addition, we make colors on demand. The available colors are as follows:

colors available for each texture


It is a cut pile carpet with a dense plush that has a high recovery rate and is suitable for all types of interior, residential or contract spaces.

Contract carpet texture


Cut pile rug with medium density plush and is recommended for both residential and contract use.

Domestic carpet texture


Looped wool rug. It is inspired by traditional Alpujarra knot rugs, which present an ordered pattern of specks or loops. Very flexible and lightweight, it adapts very well to wall-to-wall installations

Chanel carpet texture


Looped wool rug. Contrary to the Chanel model, it is not presented with a neat weft, but with dense and messy loops. It is very flexible and light, with heights from 10 mm to 16 mm, it adapts very well to wall-to-wall installations.

Loop Carpet Texture

Silky Wool Abrash Loop

Looped wool and Tencel rug. Same characteristics as the Bucle model but slightly softened, which gives a smoother surface appearance and provides a play of color. On the other hand, there is the Loop Abrash variant, contact us for more information!

Silky Wool Carpet Texture Abrash Loop

Wool and Silk

Cut pile rug. Silk provides shine and softness and wool provides resistance to wear and good recovery. Thanks to the combination of both materials, the surface of the carpet presents waters that change with every step. And if you prefer, there is also the 100% Natural Silk variant.

Wool and Silk Carpet Texture


Long-pile rug, fluffy wool plush, inspired by lambskin. An invitation to comfort and relaxation. There is the Wool and Silk Grass variant which is extremely soft.

Grass Type Carpet Texture


Long pile wool and linen rug with a very warm plush rich in reflections. The mixture of long linen threads with woolen threads creates a comfortable and luxurious texture. If you are interested, we also have the Shaggy Short and Shaggy Wool and Silk variants.

Shaggy Carpet Texture


Long pile rug made of linen. The surface presents sparkles and waters that change depending on the use and the light. We also have the Short Linen variant that has a lower height.

Linen carpet texture

Linen Loop

It is a very light and fresh rug, made of loop and linen. It is characterized by the winding of the threads in its plush making it perfect for hot climates.

Loop Linen Carpet Texture

Linen Fringes

Rug made with a looped wool base, interspersed with very light lines of cut-pile linen that provides freshness and shine.

Linen carpet texture


Cut pile rug of vegetable origin. With a fine and soft plush that adds shine making waters changing with the footprint. Very appropriate for any space for residential use.

Silky carpet texture

Silky wool

Cut pile rug with 45% vegetable tencel and 55% wool. The tencel provides shine and softness and the wool resistance to wear and good recovery.

Silky Wool Carpet Texture


Introducing our Wick Wool - a thick New Zealand wool for exceptionally plush and soft rugs. Mecha Wool in cut pile has a natural look and feel and irregular smoothing with movement.

Wick carpet texture

Chanel Loop Wick

Introducing our Wick Wool - a thick New Zealand wool for exceptionally plush and soft rugs. The Mecha Bucle Chanel is reminiscent of the traditional knotted rug from Alpujarra.

Chanel Loop Wick rug texture

High Loop Wick

This texture is similar to the previous one, in addition, providing a unique warmth and comfort in each step.

High Loop Wick Carpet Texture

Yute Loop Chanel

It is a 100% natural Jute rug in Chanel Loop. Jute's natural golden color brightens up any room. This rustic texture on the Chanel loop gives new design possibilities.

Chanel loop Yute rug texture

If you want more information or a sample of the colors and textures, please contact us and we will help you in everything