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Exclusive Offer

The limited edition rugs combine the art of our designers' creation with fashion. They are pieces designed to decorate the room in a unique and exclusive way.

Exclusive Offer

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More about Exclusive Offer

The limited-edition rugs combine the art of creation of our designers with fashion.

They are pieces designed to decorate the room uniquely and exclusively since they are rugs that are likely to run out of stock quickly.

Although we have some more minimalist models, most of them have an elaborate and modern design, filling your living room with personality. Without a doubt, any piece you choose will attract attention and will not leave anyone indifferent.

You will feel as if you have a work of art at home, as we have worked with renowned designers to create these pieces.

Without a doubt, these rugs combine the art of the designer's idea with craftsmanship, since all have been carefully handcrafted by our expert craftsmen using the Manual Tufting technique. In some of them, the artisanal technique of the Alpujarreño knot has even been applied, providing even more exclusivity if possible.

The decoration of your home says a lot about your personality, therefore, an exclusive and luxury rug like the ones we present to you is a very successful option to give your living room a personal touch, of comfort and luxury, in addition to adding your style. artistic favorite, be it minimalist, modern, or just something unique and different.

In addition to having a unique and exclusive design, our rugs are made of the best materials; highlighting silk, pure virgin wool, linen, or cotton, among others. All of them are 100% natural materials with supreme quality and being respectful with the environment, which is one of our values for which we advocate in all our creations.

Each one of them transports you to an idyllic place or inspires you towards a different style of art, from some classic rugs to other contemporary abstract ones, passing through floral and nature-themed pieces and ending with other minimalist and elegant ones.

Among all our creations, you can enjoy rugs designed by designers such as Jacobo Pérez Enciso, Lis Beltrán, Lorenza Fernández-Cabrera Sánchez-Mayoral, Pepe López or Thomas Urquijo. As well as other models designed by the alp_ designer team.

Find your favorite among all the models that we have in our catalog and enjoy in your living room a limited edition rug with a strong personality, handmade with the highest quality materials and designed by a renowned artist.