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Classical rugs add elegance and grandeur to your space. Whether in a large room or in a smaller area, these designs will last a lifetime.

alp_ has an extensive archive of classical rug designs ranging from the most baroque to a more simplistic style, including styles like Savonnerie, Cuenca, or Alcaraz. A wide range of colors and styles will suit any space you plan to decorate.


More about Classic

Despite the growing popularity of more casual and modern rug designs, classic and traditional rugs remain an interior design staple. This is mainly because the classic style of rugs is timeless and they continue to be the protagonists in many homes.

Alp_'s classic rugs are a mix of Persian designs mixed with contemporary vivid colors. In each piece made by hand there is a union of craftsmanship and design that shows the individuality of each rug.

Classic rugs for living room

Classic living room rugs typically include large medallions, borders, floral patterns, and detailed lattices. The rich colors, patterns and textures found in a traditional rug create a sense of sophistication and character wherever they are displayed.

The current trend for vintage rugs has led to an increase in demand for classic rugs making more traditional patterns fashionable. Old, worn or shabby patterned rugs are brought to life through a painstaking hand-made process. At alp_ we have a wide variety of classic rugs to decorate a rustic house or to add character to the living room furniture.

Carpets made with classic designs provide a contrast of styles to the rooms of a house. They can make a small room appear larger or make a large room cozier. This last reason has been one of the main reasons why people preferred oriental rugs. They were used by Persian sultans to fill large spaces. An oversized rug often makes a living room appear larger.

The colors of traditional rugs

One of the most important features to consider before choosing a traditional rug is its color scheme. In the past, rugs were created with a very different color combination than the one we use today. Strong contrasts were used and sometimes the combination of a Persian carpet depended on the dye available at the time. So it was possible to find unusual combinations in a living room rug.

In alp_ the user can be his own designer and make the color combination that best suits his furniture and space. A very wide variety of color combinations is offered, from the most vibrant to the most subdued. It should be noted that color can add value to the rug as an investment piece, as a classic rug with more unusual colors may be more valuable than one with more traditional color combinations.

How much are classic rugs worth?

There is a tendency to believe that traditional rugs are out of reach for most, but the truth is that at alp_ you can find the classic rug adapted in size, quality and price to your living room. We make rugs with traditional designs and affordable natural materials for all budgets. They are carefully designed and hand-woven by professionals using the tufting technique. A puncture process that makes each rug individually and uniquely crafted. With hand tufting the wool is inserted on a base of the carpet.

Browse our collection of classic rugs that include a wide range of colors and styles such as Savonnerie, Cuenca or Alcaraz. Choose the perfect rug for your living room or home. Whether you are looking for a traditional rug or want something more classic, baroque or vintage, you will always find a quality rug in alp.