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We offer 12 different textures, all made from high quality materials, because the feel of a carpet is essential in defining the comfort you want. If you would like to purchase our sample box, containing the twelve textures, please email us at


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More about Textures

Monochrome carpets are carefully designed to give a room a sense of unity and balance.

They define the area of ​​the room so they are ideal for slightly more open spaces.

Harmony and elegance are strong points of solid rugs in a single colour, and since they do not have a pattern, they will be excellent for designing the room if you want to highlight an element of it, such as a piece of art, a sofa or simply accompany the centre table.

If you have dark walls in your room, at alp_ we recommend using light-coloured rugs such as ivory or cream, to give the room a feeling of greater joy.

If you have light-coloured walls, you can also opt for light-coloured rugs as long as there is a certain contrast through other decorative elements, or failing that, create contrast through the use of different materials such as our Shaggy rug.

In our catalogue you can enjoy rugs of all kinds of textures, fabrics or sizes, being able to customize many of them so that you get a rug exactly like the one you want.

Materials used in the elaboration of monochromatic carpets

At alp_ we work with a multitude of different materials to create a unique rug with the highest possible quality. We work with Tencel, natural linen, pure virgin wool and natural silk.

All of them are natural and environmentally friendly materials. We work every day trying to defend the values ​​of sustainability, maintaining our values ​​and always demanding supreme quality in all our looms.

 The technique used in monochrome carpets

In all our pieces we use manual tufting, so whatever the rug that has made you fall in love with our catalogue, we guarantee that it has been handmade by highly experienced craftsmen. Fulfilling our commitment to quality and exclusivity of both manufacturing and materials used in manufacturing.

Colours in a monochrome carpet

Since the rugs are of a single colour, this one takes on special importance since it has to be consistent with the design of your home.

Many rugs in our catalogue can be personalized by yourself in terms of colours, and most of our pieces can also be personalized in terms of size and even materials.

On our website, you can find monochrome rugs in soft and pleasant colours such as lilac, cream or ivory; and other colours with more personality such as wine, orange, camel, yellow or red.

 Monochromatic rugs, fabrics for their elaboration

Although the fabric is an option that you can customize in many products in our store, we have chosen very appropriate fabrics for each rug, considering its purpose of where it is going to be placed and for what purpose.

Linen is a lighter, fresher and cleaner fabric since it does not allow the proliferation of bacteria in it. It can be used in dining room rugs, so the weave is shorter and more comfortable.

Shaggy fabric is made of wool and linen. It has long hair and is very warm and rich in reflections. The resulting texture of adding wool and linen is comfortable and truly luxurious.

Mecha wool is a type of coarse wool from New Zealand. It is very soft and luxurious. The hair can be cut to give a natural look and feel.

We can also find other types of textures such as cut pile wool, with very high recovery and recommended for any type of interior space, combining ideal comfort with maximum resistance and durability.